About us


Who are We?

Focusnet is a company located at 17 230, av. St-Louis, à Saint-Hyacinthe (Québec) J2T 3G7, and specializes in website hosting and data management. Focusnet is able to host your website regardless of size. We offer accommodation mutualy suitable for all businesses. Focusnet is a division of Groupe Focus Communications, a company established for over 10 years in the field of website hosting.

1. Focusnet Data Centre

The physical infrastructure of the Focusnet.ca server is located in New York, USA. This is a modern and redundant data center. Traffic is routed across networks to ensure warranty service. Be aware that the New York website is the gateway to access all traffic to and from Canada and Europe, with the connection to the Atlantic station's fiber submarine.

2. The Speed of Focusnet

Our speed is due to the fact that our systems are installed on SSD (Solid State Disk). This means that the data is not on a conventional hard drive. The disc does not rotate. The digital space is accessible more quickly than regular hard drives. This also increases the performance of your web application and website.

3. Safety Focusnet Servers

All servers run on Linux and this system is an open source, it is difficult to insert spyware programs to the traffic "pumping", but not immediately detected. On the other hand, Focusnet.ca offers free an effective anti-spam protection to its customers; Baracuda validates whatever the encoding for Windows or Mac sites. This UPSTREAM analysis requests and blocks illegitimate emails. Moreover, all the Web data, email and databases are stored every 24 hours with up to 10 restoring points.

4. Shared Hosting Focusnet

Packages range from $ 8 per month for 500 MB of web space with 2 databases and email accounts 50 to $ 35 per month for disk space 2500 MB with 16 databases and 250 email accounts. Two intermediate packages are also available. Web space is 1000 MB with 4 databases and 100 email accounts for $ 10 per month, or 1500 MB of space with 8 databases and 150 email accounts for the sum of $ 18 a month. These prices are for an annual commitment. View Focusnet.ca website for more information.

5. Security Certificates

Security certificate (SSL) are available in minutes for subscriptions ranging between $ 25 and $ 100 per year / site.

6. Other Services Focusnet

Focusnet.ca also assumes a role of Registrar for domain names. Note that the host uses the same pricing for registrations, transfers and renewals, which is not always the case for other competitors.

7. In Conclusion

This experiment demonstrates our dedication and commitment to service that represents the number one gateway to an online presence. Not only are we well established in the world of hosting, but we like to bring our customers a new experience. We wish to make all aspects of the accommodation as simple as possible for not having to worry about infrastructure and management interfaces.