Our Vision


Preliminary Remarks

As you probably know, companies generally gain experience over the years, that stands out ! Focusnet has over ten years of experience hosting communities in Canada. You should know that it's vision plays a role too, because without vision Focusnet would not have the motivation to constantly work to meet the needs of it's customers.

1. Technical Support

The most important in Web hosting technical support is that without excellent support you will lose a lot of money, even if the accommodation costs less ! During the life of your website you will have several issues with your script or some PHP extensions, if your support takes a day to receive a response, then you have to think about changing your provider, and this is where you will start to lose your money. Good technical support will ensure a very professional service and regular maintenance.

2. Regular Maintenance

It is known that servers use hardware resources as well as software, and maintenance free speed and efficiency of such servers will decline. Then the term "Data Processing Centers" (Data Centers) applies. These are large physical spaces containing thousands of computer servers and each server contains all virtual servers and private accommodation. You have to think that the web host offers a very well conditioned accommodation with a regular maintenance service. Currently our servers are on SSD !

3. Uptime

The Uptime is an essential element in determining the quality of accommodation, it's a rate which measures the percentage of the access validity to your sites. Good Uptime is close to 99.99%, a bad Uptime is less than 99% ! Focusnet is among the accommodations that offer a very powerful Uptime.

4. Space, Speed, Performance

The space, speed and performance are the oldest items in the industry of web hosting, It is known that people have accommodation with a space much greater than their needs, others use servers while they will only need a VPS or shared hosting.

5. Monitoring, Analysis and Response

To monitor, analyze and react to any event is a necessary response to companies that operate in a world often transient and short lived. This adaptability or agility can not exist without an infrastructure application both efficient and secure.